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The Rise and Reinvention of Chrysler Minivans:
How a rejected idea became a 15-million-sale success

In 1972, as Chrysler bled cash, a group of designers and engineers thought they had the answer—a “magic wagon.” Could they create a viable product with Chrysler’s slim cash reserves, and even if they could, would the famously conservative executives take a chance? Follow the minivan from the birth of the concept to production to the next danger zone: How could Chrysler stay on top, when the market was flooded with competitors?

Rise and Reinvention of Chrysler Minivans

Four stars on Goodreads.

John Warnock wrote about the prior version, “If you want to know the whens, whys, and wherefores of the minivan, this is the book you want. Mr. Data delves into the history of the minivan and what was behind many of the decisions that made it the automotive staple it is today. OK, I'm a car nerd on my fourth mini. Takes one to know one.”

Chrysler has dominated minivan sales in the United States for 35 years; this book shows how they made the right choices despite constrained budgets and uncertain times.

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Reviews: Hemmings • Mopar InsidersAllpar

This book covers Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth minivans from 1984 to 2020,
with new sketches from 1972-73, and goes deeper into Chrysler’s methods than the prior edition.

If you have a story of minivan development, for any generation, please contact us for a future edition!

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